同样,先下载 I-140 表格 Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (Rev. 10/12/07) Y 和说明书。

Part 1. Information about the person or organization filing this petition.
填表人的情况。个人 (EB-1a, NIW) 填姓名、U.S. Social Security #,公司填名称、IRS Tax #.

Part 2. Petition type.
a. An alien of extraordinary ability.
- EB-1a

b. An outstanding professor or researcher.
- EB-1b

c. A multinational executive or manager.
- EB-1c

d. A member of the professions holding an advanced degree or an alien of exceptional ability (who is NOT seeking a National Interest Waiver).
- EB-2 (PERM)

e. A professional (at a minimum, possessing a bachelor's degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree) or a skilled worker (requiring at least two years of specialized training or experience).
- EB-3

f. (Reserved.)
g. Any other worker (requiring less than two years of training or experience).
h. Soviet Scientist.
- f,g,h 无关

i. An alien applying for a National Interest Waiver (who IS a member of the professions holding an advanced degree or an alien of exceptional ability).
- EB-2 (NIW)

Part 3. Information about the person you are filing for.
如果这一栏你需要帮助,最好你还是不要 DIY,找个律师算了。

Part 4. Processing Information.
1. Please complete the following for the person named in Part 3
[x] Alien is in the United States and will apply for adjustment of status to that of lawful permanent resident.

Alien's country of current residence or, if now in the U.S., last permanent residence abroad.
填 P.R.China

2. If you provided a U.S. address in Part 3, print the person's foreign address:

3. If the person's native alphabet is other than Roman letters, write the person's foreign name and address in the native alphabet:

4. Are any other petition(s) or application(s) being filed with this Form I-140?
排期当前时,可以同时提交 I-485/I-131/I-765.

5. Is the person you are filing for in removal proceedings?
[x] No

6. Has any immigrant visa petition ever been filed by or on behalf of this person?
[x] 以前交过 I-130 或 I-140 的话,并另附纸说明,如“An I-140 filed with NSC/TSC with receipt# ABC-01-234-56789 is pending/was denied”.
提交多份 I-140 的同学,不要忘了在这里画叉叉。

Part 5. Additional information about the petitioner.
1. Type of petitioner
[x] Employer (如申请的是 EB-1b, EB-2 Perm, EB-3)
[x] Self (如申请的是 EB-1a, EB-2 NIW)
下面是公司申请则填 2,个人填申请填 3

2. If a company, give the following:
Type of Business
Date Established (mm/dd/yyyy)
Current Number of Employees
Gross Annual Income
Net Annual Income
DOL/ETA Case Number
从公司小册子/网站/HR 找

3. If an individual, give the following:
Occupation - 问的是你的职业,通常是比较粗的划分。
请注意与职务 (Job Title / Position) 的区别。
比如,你分管计算机房,职务是 Senior System Administrator,而职业属 Computer engineer.
如尚未就业,可填 Ph.D. Candidate, Ph.D., Post Doc. 等。

Annual Income - 年收入

Part 6. Basic information about the proposed employment.
对于 NIW 来说,你 waive 掉的是 PERM,不能没有 Job Offer. EB-1a 如果没有工作,问题倒不是太大。

1. Job Title
职务(在 Offer Letter 或 Job Description 上找)

2. SOC Code
去 找

3. Nontechnical Description of Job

4. Address where the person will work if different from address in Part 1.
对于 EB-1a 和 NIW 来说,填你的工作单位地址

5. Is this a full-time position?

6. If the answer to Number 5 is "No," how many hours per week for the position?

7. Is this a permanent position?

8. Is this a new position?

9. Wages per week

Part 7. Information on spouse and all children of the person for whom you are filing.
Name (First/Middle/Last) - 名前姓后
Relationship - Husband / Wife / Son / Daughter
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) - 月/日/年
Country of Birth - 出生国别

Part 8. Signature.
Signature of person preparing form, if other than above.
Attorney or Representative: In the event of a Request for Evidence (RFE), may the USCIS contact you by Fax or E-mail?
[X] Yes - 提醒你的律师要 check 这一条。

I-140 的申请地址,按照申请人的地址,依辖区分别寄到 NSC 或 TSC.
如果受益人的排期当前,申请人的 I-140 和受益人的 I-485 (还有附属的 I-131/I-765)可以同时提交,目前 EB-1 类总是如此。这时,Concurrent Filing 的地址,NSC 有些不同。

I-140 Only -
P.O. Box 87140
Lincoln, NE 68501-7140
I-140/485 -
P.O. Box 87485
Lincoln, NE 68501-7485

Street Add -
850 S ST
Lincoln, NE 68508-1225

I-140 Only -
P.O. Box 852135
Mesquite, TX 75185
I-140/485 - Same

Street Address -
4141 North St. Augustine Road
Dallas, TX 75227

AK, AZ, CA, CO, Guam, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, ND, OH, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI or WY
AL, AR, CT, DE, FL, GA, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MS, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, SC, OK, PA, Puerto Rico, RI, TN, TX, VT, VA, U.S. Virgin Islands, WV, or Washington, DC

境外申请 I-140,请寄 NSC.

• I-140 及申请费
• ETA-9089 (PERM)
• ETA-750B in duplicate (NIW)
• List of the Exhibits (CV, Reference Letters, etc)
• I-485/G-325A, I-693(体检表)
• I-131 / I-765

同一个受益者,能否有多个 I-140 的申请,请参见此处。

自从去年大放水时 I-140 的加快服务 (Premium Processing Service) 无限期暂定之后,一直没有复活的迹象。本周 USCIS 新发了文,说从 6/16/08 起,I-140 的 PP 服务有条件地恢复。
这个条件,就是受益人的六年 H-1b 即将到期而不符合延期的规定。

Premium Processing Service, for Forms I-140 filed for alien beneficiaries who, as of the date of filing the Form I-907:
Are currently in H-1B nonimmigrant status;
Will reach the end of their 6th year of their H-1B nonimmigrant stay in 60 days;
Are only eligible for a further H-1B extension under AC21 §104(c) upon approval of their Form I-140 petition; and
Are ineligible to extend their H-1B status under AC21 §106(a).
目前是 H-1b 身份的受益者人,其六年 H-1b 将于 60 日内期满且不满足 AC21 之 106(a) 延期一年条件,可申请加快。
换一个方式说,条件是:在 H-1b 的第六年中才开始申请绿卡,且 I-140 在 H-1b 六年期满前 60 天内尚未批准者,可以提交 I-907 来申请 I-140 的加快服务。
反过来说,对于在 H-1b 第六年之前就开始绿卡申请的同学,因为满足 106(a) of AC21 的条件可以延一年,不能申请 PP 服务。

对于排期是在 H-1b 五年期满前 60 天内的同学,由于在 H-1b 六年期满时其绿卡申请 pending 超过一年,按 106(a) 的条件可以申请一年的延期。但是,有一个擦边球可以打。
因为是否满足加快服务的条件,是依填 I-907 表的那一时刻来判断 ("as of the date of filing the Form I-907"). 如果很好地选择一个填表日期,就可以钻空子要求 PP Service. 这个日期,就是在 H-1b 六年期满前 60 天内而在排期的 Anniversary 之前。
假设王五同学 10/1/2002 步入 H-1b,于 8/25/2007 申请 PERM. 其六年期满时 9/30/2008,因为 PERM 已经一年,可依 106(a) 延第七年 H-1b. 但王同学可以在 8/2-8/24/08 间申请 PP Service,因为 1) 是在 H-1b 六年期满前 60 天内;2) 填表时不满足 106(a).

I-140 的加快服务是 Premium Processing Service,而不是 Expedited Approval(特快批准),所以 15 天加快服务的结果可以是 1) Approval, 2) Denial, 3) Notice of Intent to Deny, 4) RFE, or 5) Notice of Investigation for Fraud or Misrepresentation.

申请加快服务,除了 I-907 外,还需要下列文件:

当前 I-94 卡(须 H-1b 身份)
所有 H-1b 批准书(须 H-1b 在 60 日内满六年)
I-140 收据(或与 I-140 同交)
基于 PERM 的 I-140 须附劳工纸批件(须不满足 AC21 106(a) 条件)
当 I-140 是在 H-1b 六年期满前 60 天之内提交,其加快服务可以一起申请;若 I-140 是在 H-1b 六年期满前 60 日之外提交,I-907 只能等到 H-1b 六年期满前 60 天内方能提交至 I-140 pending 的中心 (NSC/TSC). 寄错了中心的 I-907, 或上述文件不全,将会退件。