墨西哥Tijuana H1B 签证有感(2)

Officer: Hi, you came from China. (A very young lady, Knee on the table and very relaxing)
Me: yap, I am Chinese, how are you?
Officer: Are you applying h1b visa?
Me: yes.
Officer: Give me your bank statement and letter from your company.
Me: ok, here they are.
Officer: MBA –finance, how come your income not very high?
Me: ha ha, I do not know, maybe economy not good thou…
Officer: ok……… how to call your first name?
Officer: never mind, Mr. Wang, you visa has been approved. Please come back to pick up your visa………
Me: now is already 3:30pm.
Officer: ya, ok… wait outside about 30 mins.
Me: Thanks…
我迈着又饿又渴的步伐走出了领事馆, 拿回皮包。赶快喝水和吃面包。 如果你 幸运的话,当天就能拿到签证。如果赶上电脑坏掉的话, 旁边的酒店$120一晚。 只要你不是高机密的工作或科研的话,你的签证都没有问题。有问题请问 祝大家北美生活健康,快乐。(完)